Resolution No. _2003-7__________


Rules and Regulations Regarding Internet Website for Fair Lakes Condominium


            WHEREAS, Article III, Section 2(f) of the By-laws of the Unit Owners Association of Fair Lakes Condominium (“Association”) grants the Board of Directors (“Board”) the power to adopt and amend rules and regulations so long as such rules and regulations do not conflict with the Virginia Condominium Act (“Act”) or the condominium instruments;


            WHEREAS, Article III, Section 2 of the By-laws, grants the Board powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of the Association;


            WHEREAS, Article III, Section 2, of the By-laws states that the Board may take any and all actions that are not by the Act or the condominium instruments required to be taken by the Association; and


            WHEREAS, the Board wishes to utilize an internet website to facilitate and foster communication among current and prospective members of the Association.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Board establishes the following guidelines for the creation, operation and use of a website.



I.          Purpose


            A.        The Association’s website shall be employed by the Board as a vehicle to facilitate communication with Association members regarding pertinent community information.


            B.         The website is not intended to be a vehicle through which the views of any single resident or group of residents are promoted.


            C.        The website will not be used as a substitute for the normal channels of communication from Board members to other community residents.  Specific questions, comments, complaints, and requests related to the community should still be addressed to the Board of Directors or its designated representative (i.e., the management agent).  All uses should reflect a positive image of the community.



II.        Administration and Content


            A.        The Board of Directors shall regulate the content of the website.  The Board shall have the power to appoint a Website Committee to manage the daily administration of the website, should such a Committee become necessary.


            B.         The Board shall appoint a Webmaster to create, monitor, and update content as directed by the Board.  If a Website Committee is formed, the Webmaster will serve as the chair of the Website Committee.  The Webmaster shall be the only person with security related access to the site.  However, all security information shall be available to the Board upon request.


            C.        Any information that is deemed by the Board to be obscene, inflammatory, repetitive in nature and otherwise inappropriate is strictly prohibited.  The Webmaster shall have the authority to remove any postings from individuals that are deemed inappropriate and to disallow future postings or chat room participation by anyone who uses the website inappropriately.


            D.        The website may include a resident information page containing the rules of the community to which landlord members can refer their tenants, a page for real estate agents and prospective buyers, and other content areas deemed appropriate by the Board.



III.       Chat Room


            The website may provide a chat room intended to allow for real time communication between residents.  Appropriate uses of the chat room might include scheduled times to ask questions of a Board member, scheduled conversations between tenants and landlord members, scheduled meeting of committees, and scheduled discussions between prospective buyers and current owners.  All discussions, conversations, and comments must be courteous, respectful, and consistent with the guidelines of this resolution.  The Board may, in its sole discretion, discontinue operation of the chat room.



IV.       Message Board


            A.        The website may offer residents the opportunity to post information to a message board.  The message board will include single posting announcements that are not designed to promote discussion about a particular issue.  Message threads will be discouraged by all technical and non-technical means.  Replies to a particular message are also discouraged.  The posting party should solicit private replies via e-mail or telephone.


            B.         Those who wish to post a message must be registered with the site prior to posting.  Only residents in good standing with the Association will be permitted to use the message board.


            C.        Messages must be brief and concise.  Appropriate uses of the message board include the following:


                        1.         Announcements regarding activities, meetings, or events of interest to                                         residents;


                        2.         Information about contractors with whom residents have had experience;


                        3.         Items for sale by residents; or


                        4.         Questions from residents seeking a particular resource.



V.        Advertisements


            A.        Advertising on the website is at the discretion of the Board.  Advertising by non-residents will be prohibited unless permission is first obtained from the Board.


            B.         The Board may include links to area businesses.


VI.       Documents and Forms


            A.        The website may contain the current By-laws of the Association, current resolutions, appropriate forms needed by residents in downloadable format, contact information of the Board members and the management company representative, and other community announcements.


            B.         Use of the website, including use of the chat room and message board shall not violate the condominium instruments or Federal, State or local law.  All users must agree to theses policies, and any violations thereof shall be grounds for denial of access to the site and/or future use of its services.