If you're having a problem, the quickest way to reach someone is to contact the management company.
Using the contact form below is the easiest way to contact them.

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A subsidiary of CMC Management.
Main 703.631.2003
Fax 703.631.5380
PO Box 221350
Chantilly, VA 20153
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Emergency Procedures
If you have an emergency, please use discretion when deciding whom to call. If there is a problem in another unit and the owner isn't home (i.e. pipe burst, fire, etc), or there is a life-threatening emergency (gas leak), please call 911. They will be the quickest to react to any hazardous or life-threatening situation.

If the emergency is very minor please call 703.631.2003. If the management office is closed, there will be instructions to follow for an emergency, including a pager number to call. Please note that the Association incurs a significant fee for use of the after hours emergency line, so please only utilize this service if there is a true emergency. There is no need to call this number if you've already called 911.

Contacting the Board of Directors
You may wish to contact the Fair Lakes Condominium Association Board of Directors. The Board of Directors encourages you to write them with any and all concerns you may have with the community.

Contact the Board of Directors

Large/oversized items to be hauled away? Please call:
Republic Services